5 Top Tips for Organising a Special Event


Planning a special event can make even a capable person nervous. Anyone chosen to plan the next awards banquet, holiday party, or corporate event has much to do and think about. However, following these easy, helpful tips can make the process go smoothly.

Preliminary Considerations

The first thing to think of is how the event should feel and look. Planners should think of the attendees, the reason for the event, and the event’s goals. Public events should generate enthusiasm and goodwill, and companies can use these events as a chance to build relationships with current and potential customers. Part of the process of generating goodwill is ensuring that everyone can come and go safely, and van hire in Kapiti can help in this regard.

Planning the Event

Once the basic parameters are defined, the planning can begin. A checklist can offer a guide for event organisation and execution, and budgeting will provide a monetary blueprint for the entire event. The budget should include revenue generation opportunities such as donations and sponsorships, and the planner should carefully track income and expenditures. Extra expenses are sure to arise, and the planner should leave some room in the budget.

Scheduling Transport and Facilities

The size and location of an event are crucial to its success. Choosing a site involves more than finding an available venue. There are numerous factors to think of, such as room capacity, elevator access, guest seating, and the potential need for van hire in Wellington.

Plan Marketing and Publicity

Great marketing can make a successful company event. There are many ways to spread the word about an event, but the planner must first decide who should attend and tailor the advertising accordingly.

Plan the Refreshments

During the planning and budgeting stages, the event holder should decide what type of food and drinks will be served. If alcoholic beverages will be served, the planner should consider Van hire in Lower Hutt as a way to get everyone home safely.

No matter what kind of event the company is planning, it should be meaningful and celebrate the positive aspects of the organisation. With proper planning, an event will be truly memorable for the right reasons. For help with event planning and van hire, you can rely on our experts at Kapiti Coach Tours. Visit us at www.kapiticoachtours.co.nz to learn more about the services we offer.


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